JumpStart® Advanced Preschool "Fundamentals"

Game Genre(s): Kids

Full Description

Frankie has been rounding up homeless pets for his new adopt-a-pet program. You and the JumpStart pals can help too! Choose which pet you want to help, then play fun learning games with Frankie, Casey, Kisha, Pierre, and Eleanor to earn pet rewards, such as food, toys, brushes, and songs. Use the rewards to get your pet ready for adoption. Once your pet is fully cared for, you can hop into the hot-air balloon with Frankie and seek out a new home for your pet.

  • Provides superior interactive game play tailored to each child's individual learning style.
  • Fun activities encourage active learning through movement.
  • Skill leveling that automatically adjusts game play and content to each child's growing abilities.
  • Skills Taught are based on state educational standards.
  • Enhanced motivational game reward structure.

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