Sammy's Science House

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Lovable characters Bailey, Millie, Sammy and Trudy will guide your children in developing critical skills and confidence with a multi-sensory environment where they can explore the fundamentals of math, reading, science and the physical world around them.

Observe, analyze and test theories just like a real scientist! Plus, learn about assembling objects by choosing parts, changes in seasons, conserving natural resources and much more in activities such as Create-a-Critter and Recycle It! Construct in the Workshop: Clocks tick, wheels spin, and robots spring to life as kids follow blueprints or create original machines and toys. Drop in at the Sorting Station: Three horns... It's a triceratops! Kids sort pictures of objects and learn the names of plants, animals, rocks and fungi. Discover the Wonders of Nature: What do shrews eat? Why does a squirrel flick its tail? Visit Acorn Pond during winter, spring, summer, and fall to explore its fascinating wildlife. Make Your Own Weather: Kids learn weather terms, experiment with temperature, wind and precipitation, and see the effects of different variables. Play with the Order of Things: Kids learn about beginnings, middles and ends and explore how things in nature change over time as they arrange frames of film in logical sequences to Make-A-Movie.

  • Teach your child to observe, analyze and test theories like just like a scientist.
  • Assemble objects by choosing parts.
  • Observe seasonal changes.
  • Build logical sequences.
  • Understand adaptations to different environments.
  • Recognize the importance of conserving natural resources.
  • Practice skills in differentiation, systems, changes in weather, changes in properties, living organisms, animals and natural resources.

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