Cooking Academy

Game Genre(s): Simulation

Full Description

Grab your oven mitts and don your Chef's Hat! Cooking Academy is the game that places you in the kitchen of a prestigious culinary school - from eggrolls to pancakes, from Ravioli to Creme Brulee, it's up to you to prepare over 50 different recipes. Learn interesting trivia about food while mastering the skills of chopping, kneading, mashing, flipping, frying, and much more. Unlock new recipes and trophies by passing your cooking courses and exams. Are you ready to be a Master Chef? Well, then it's time to enroll at the Cooking Academy.

  • Unique recipes
  • Exciting courses to master
  • Become a Master Chef

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Average Rating


Im finally a chef

keithyg | 5
Comments: i've always loved cooking and this game is the best at it

Budding Future Chefs wanted

Mischievious | 5
Pros: diverse tasks, realistic recipes and prep methods
Comments: You dont have to like to cook to love this game. You are a student learning to cook in this game. As you prepare for your cooking exam you get to practice your recipes. Get ready to chop, dice, boil, baste, fry, scramble, and bake your way to becoming a master chef.

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