Virtual Villagers® III - The Secret City™

Game Genre(s): Simulation, Strategy,...

Full Description

Embark on a journey with a group of villagers in search of a new part of the island to populate. Land on the hidden shores of the northern side of Isola and explore what was once a secret city. Find new sources of food to nourish your villagers and help them rebuild the remains of this mysterious city. Who lived here before? Where have they gone? What is the secret of Isola?

  • Real- Time Weather: Clouds, fog and sudden down pours drenching your tribe.
  • Real-Time Gameplay: new surprises every time you turn the game on.
  • Discover who among your tribe is destined to become Chief.
  • Investigate and rebuild the remains of a ruined city.
  • Find new sources of food for your villagers.
  • Help your villagers make a variety of unique potions from hidden herbs, many with unpredictable effects.
  • Dozens of new collectibles for children to retrieve.
  • Raise children who resemble their parents.
  • Watch your villagers thrive, and then grow old, slow and grey.

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Balance of nature

Pros: New challenges and weather conditions added
Cons: It still takes so very long to get tech points.
Comments: I enjoyed this game a lot. I finished all the puzzles but couldn't find enough collections to finish. I must have missed some in the beginning. I enjoyed all the Virtual Villager games and thought this one had some nice additions like life like weather for example.

Slow Villagers

slj91 | 3
Comments: There's something about this kind of game I just fundamentally don't get. It seems like you spend a lot of time just waiting for your characters to accrue experience. Watching the characters trudge back and forth to gather wood and honey bores me. I didn't find the mini-games particularly diverting, either.

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