Fish Tycoon®

Game Genre(s): Simulation

Full Description

These are your fish, and like real fish, you need to care for them. Feed them, cure them if they get sick, and make lots of fish babies. The game runs in real time: new surprises appear every time you check back into your game. Buy supplies, ornaments and special chemicals for your virtual tank. With over 400 different species of fish to discover, your underwater adventure could potentially last forever.

  • Real Time: new surprises every time you check back in the game.
  • Interact directly with your fish: feed them, touch them and move them around.
  • 7 Magic Fish to find.
  • Over 400 different species of fish to discover.
  • Customize your virtual tank with beautiful ornaments and special plants.
  • Endless gameplay.

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Average Rating


No muss, no fuss aquarium!

Donsgirl | 5
Pros: Great color and graphics
Cons: Waiting for fish to grow up
Comments: This game is not for everyone. I loved it because I would love to have an aquarium again but it is just too much work. This is the best of both worlds. I can have my aquariums, breed my fish and never get anything wet. No algae to scrape. You do have to wait for the fish to mature but the options give you a double time choice.which helps. Then there is the potion to buy to speed up maturation. I played this game once before and am glad to find it here on Verizon.

fish tycoon

bs4fun | 4
Comments: you breed and sell fish in this game....also you breed them to find the magic can buty medicine, aquarium upgrades, as well as books and fish eggs to hatch....ok game ok for an aquarium

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