Margrave Manor 2: The Lost Ship

Game Genre(s): Puzzle

Full Description

In this sequel to the hit game "The Secret of Margrave Manor," take on the role of Edwina Margrave and search for your grandfather's mysterious ship, the Aurora Dusk. Piece together the crew´s letters and journals to discover the ship's dark secret. Then play through again with completely rearranged scenes for constantly-new challenges!

  • Positions of objects change each time you play a scene.
  • Varied puzzles offer a unique challenge to the hidden object veteran.
  • Uncover the secrets of the Aurora Dusk.

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The Lost Ship

doughgirl | 3
Comments: The story line wasn't bad, but I didn't like how the hidden searches were done. You searched the same rooms over and over again, often for the same items. The mini-puzzles were neat, but too easy. I felt this was more of a game for kids than adults, due to the easyness of the hidden searches and mini-puzzles.

MargraveManor 2: The Lost Ship

Spark | 5
Pros: Hidden objects and story line
Cons: The ending of the story
Comments: I enjoyed this hidden object game. It was interesting and you had to really think when it came to the puzzles. I hope there will be more of Margrave Manor games.

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