Build-a-lot 4: Power Source

Game Genre(s): Strategy, 100 Greatest

Full Description

The power is in your hands! Help friendly towns to grow and glow by building neighborhoods and generating clean energy to make them run. Watch out for power overload: if you build too fast, you may experience blackouts and unhappy renters. You´ll have resources at your command to energize the towns - build solar towers and wind farms and dispatch technicians to make sure everyone is energy efficient. Then, get your neighborhoods fit and fancy by building tennis courts, swimming pools, boutiques and more. With multiple campaigns to play and a variety of awards to earn, there is plenty to do and lots of fun waiting for you in this electrifying addition to the Build-a-lot series!

  • Generate clean power with wind farms and solar towers.
  • Use technicians to make homes more energy efficient.
  • Manage power carefully to avoid blackouts.
  • Beautify the neighborhood with recreational facilities.
  • Play multiple campaigns and earn a variety of awards.

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build-a-lot 4

peanutbabe | 4
Comments: i love this game it is very fun. like how you only get so much time to complete the leavels and how you need more and more things done on each one. my kids also enjoy the game.. i think it is better when you have to build the lights and make sure you have some for all the houses to work or do not get paid


kchick4u | 4
Pros: strategy, nice graphics
Cons: repetitive
Comments: I like how this game makes you think of a strategy to win your goals. It's fun trying to go for the gold but all the build-a-lots get so repetitive and it just starts to get tiring. I still enjoy the game a lot, I'm sure I've played almost all if not all. This game is great but could be greater. I still recommend anyone to play!

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