Cooking Dash®: DinerTown Studios™

Game Genre(s): Arcade

Full Description

Trouble on the set! When the hungry cast and crew of a new television show threaten to walk off the set, it is up to Flo to start cooking and save the day. Now it is up to you to prepare, cook, assemble and serve the delicious menu items from each TV-themed restaurant. Watch for the new celebrity characters and take advantage of their star power! But beware of the director and his short temper, he will make sure everyone eats quickly and gets back to work. Can you successfully feed the egos and stomachs of the cast and crew before they walk off the set?

  • 3 new celebrity customers with special power-ups and unique features that help you score extra points.
  • Over 25 decoration and functional upgrades to purchase.
  • 5 new on-set restaurants, each with an original menu that now includes 2 and 3-course meals.
  • 10 medals to earn throughout the game.
  • More than 50 television-themed levels of gameplay.

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Average Rating


Cooking Dash Diner Town Studios

Cutie29 | 4
Pros: Fun and Easy
Cons: NONE
Comments: I am probably the biggest fan of all the "dash" games so my opinion is a little bias. I enjoyed the different scenes and menu options in this new game, but appreciated the fact that it played just like all the other games making it easy to play.

Fun Game

CindyC | 5
Pros: Great graphics
Cons: none
Comments: I really like this game. Some levels seem impossible, but fun. Even my kids like it.

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