Amazing Adventures The Caribbean Secret™

Game Genre(s): Action/Adventure

Full Description

The Museum needs your help! Legend has it that a Spanish ship loaded with a fortune of gold went missing somewhere in the Caribbean and was never found. This lost treasure is referred to by locals as the ´Caribbean Secret´. Explore 25 amazing Caribbean locations finding over 2,000 cleverly hidden objects and playing 8 unique mini-games to recover the Secret Treasure!

  • Find over 2,000 hidden objects in over 100 levels.
  • Explore 25 stunning Caribbean locations.
  • Play 8 unique mini-games including Spot-the-Differences, Match-3, Jigsaw and many more.
  • Three game modes: Find the Secret Treasure, Unlimited Seek & Find, and Unlimited Match-3.
  • Strive for a Perfect Search bonus by not using Hint.

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Amazing Adventures The Caribbean Secret

ilriffraff | 4
Pros: very good graphics
Cons: none
Comments: The graphics in this search and find game are very good. I also liked the mini games which give you a change in pace from the search and find. If you like this type of game, this is a very good one to play.

caribbean secret

mattsbooboo | 5
Pros: great detail
Cons: none
Comments: this is one of my favorites, hidden object games are my first choice when it comes to game play. I have enjoyed most of what verizon has to offer. this one has cool mini games, great great graphis and it is not just a quick get it over with game it actually last a decent amout of time. so this game is a must if you like the hidden object games.

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