Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette

Game Genre(s): Arcade, Editor's Picks

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When Scarlett learns astronauts are starving because their corrupt boss made a crooked deal with a no-good contractor, she vows to prove herself worthy of taking over the account and feeding the hard-working space walkers three squares a day. To succeed, she'll need to use new buildings, products and friends as she grows crops, feeds animals, collects produce and manufactures goods. Don't miss this exciting new chapter in the award-winning Farm Frenzy series!

  • 90 all-new levels.
  • Six new buildings.
  • Five new products.
  • The return of hidden gags.
  • The ability to build and launch rockets.

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Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Rulette

cwitch | 5
Comments: This is by far the best of the Farm Frenzy series. The Farm Frenzy games are very addictive to me. The story and graphics are great. There are several levels that are extremely hard but you can get gold in all of them.

I am hooked

sprngbaskets | 5
Pros: Love the games and all Farm Frenzy
Cons: none
Comments: Great graphics, story line and music. It is a well thought up game. I like and have played all in the Farm Frenzy series and love them all.

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